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Video Boards ADVERTISE Your Customers

All eyes are on the giant screen: There’s no better way to promote sponsors than with a giant TV screen at your event. Traditional advertising has been a banner on the fence and maybe an ad in a program hoping people see it. We are programmed to watch what is in front of us. This is how we can maximize a sponsors exposure and revenue stream. When something spectacular happens fans always look to the giant screen to see the action replayed again and again. When there is a break in the action, people are still looking at the video screen. This is your chance to showcase your business with billboards, commercials, & more.


Video Screen
Sponsor Opportunities

The following numbers are based on an average of 70 contestants per performance, and are approximate exposure times.

Contestant Names

Minimum 15 Seconds Exposure

Scoring & Timing

Minimum 10 Seconds Exposure


10 ± Impressions - Exposure Time 20 sec.

Section Sponsor

Minimum 15 Seconds Exposure

Sponsor Billboard

Approximately 70 Impressions

Instant Replay

10 ± Impressions - Exposure Time 20 sec.


30 & 60 Seconds Commercials

Constant Bug

Constant Video Bug (Logo)

Opening Ceremony

Logo in lower corner during opening


Our Experience
Your Benefit

We have vast experience in LED Video Boards, Video Production, Post Production, we can help take your event to the next level and capture new sponsorships through offering additional Sponsorship Assets.


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Pro West Productions has been providing screens, video production support for our events for over ten years! Top-Notch Service, Support. Very knowledgeable!

Jason MattoxCustomer

We have worked with Pro West for years, they have helped grow what we do, exceeding the needs & expectations of many of our mutual partners. Highly Recommend!

Andrea CrenshawCustomer

With Pro West Scoreboards at our rodeo we’ve seen an increase in sponsors and the comments were tremendous. Seeing their name on the board was great!

Tim AndersonCustomer